Ireland’s Competitiveness Scorecard 2019


The National Competitiveness Council (NCC) reports to the Taoiseach and the Government, through the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation on key competitiveness issues facing the Irish economy and offers recommendations on policy actions required to enhance Ireland’s competitive position.

A compendium of innovation methods


This compendium brings together some of Nesta's innovation experience over the years. Each section gives a simple introduction to the method and describes Nesta’s work in relation to it. In each case they have also provided a link to further relevant resources and inspiration on their website.

Move fast and fix things


This report counters the long-held caricature of the state as a slow, lumbering, bureaucratic machine and sets out to find the people, processes and practices in government that are ‘moving fast, and fixing things’ and demonstrating a new kind of public entrepreneurship. It draws on several examples of work done in Northern Ireland.

The 2014 Intellectual Capital Report


The main objectives of this study are to gain an insight of the level of awareness amongst indigenous MATRIX industry-based Northern Irish businesses of their Intellectual Capital and examine the processes that may be employed to drive and support economic growth by exploiting intellectual capital and local innovation.

The First Matrix Report 2007


The report highlights the need to create and maintain a new working environment for business, government and academia where they can combine their resources in a market led approach to innovation.