Why Don’t More Young Women Study Computing?

This CCEA research paper examines the presently low levels of participation of female students in computing related subjects in NI, attempting to understand why fewer young women study these subjects, and establish various ways in which their participation might be encouraged and thus their overall entry numbers at school increased.


Evidencing the Bioeconomy

This report presents findings around growth and productivity based on a comprehensive review of the literature and interviews with selected academic and industry experts in the bioeconomy of the United Kingdom.


Innovation in Europe

This discussion paper suggests five paths for Europe to regain its competitive edge, not by trying to play catch-up while hindered by fragmentation and lack of scale, but by changing the game to build on its strengths.


Lay of the Land

The RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission Northern Ireland Inquiry produced this report which sets out the context of the inquiry, its findings, some signposts to the future, and some recommendations for the way ahead.


Reinventing Construction: A route to higher productivity

In this report, the McKinsey Global Institute and the McKinsey Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice examine the root causes of poor productivity growth in the construction industry, explore practical ways to improve the situation, and discuss the beginnings of a shift in parts of the sector toward a system of mass production, standardization, prefabrication, and modularization—a production system—that has the potential to boost productivity by five to ten times, depending on the sector.


20 Tools for Innovating in Government

This handbook is a digest of 20 tools that are proven to help innovation flourish inside government, based on Nesta's work over more than a decade in UK local and central government, as well as with more than 30 international governments.


Europe AgriFood Tech Investing Report 2018

In this inaugural European food tech and agtech startup report in collaboration with F&A Next, Agfunder details the $1.6bn of funding across 421 deals. While this was on par with the total in 2017, there was 23% growth in the number of deals and the majority of activity took place at the earliest stages.


Gender Diversity in AI Research

Lack of gender diversity in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) workforce is raising growing concerns, but the evidence base about this problem has until now been based on statistics about the workforce of large technology companies or submissions to a small number of prestigious conferences.


Connecting Farm, City and Technology

The Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils’ (GFCC) report, Connecting Farm, City and Technology to Transform Urban Food Ecosystems for the Developing World, shows how a mix of new technologies — from digital connectivity, sensors and the Internet of Things, to blockchain, biotechnology and renewable energy — can integrate to create sustainable food ecosystems for the world’s urban areas.


Future of skills and lifelong learning

The Government Office for Science looked at how changes in technology and an ageing population affect what skills the UK will need in the future. The project also considered how investment in skills and encouraging lifelong learning can have a positive impact on productivity.


Future of Mobility

This report looks out to 2040. It looks at the whole transport system – considering the users and goods. It considers new opportunities and the implications of current trends. It builds four plausible future worlds to help decision makers think about the future.


The Future of Food 2040 

The Future of Food 2040 report highlights the importance of establishing a future domestic agricultural policy that enables the farming industry to increase its productivity, profitability and resilience in the future, which will be crucial for businesses to thrive in an increasingly volatile world.


Artificial Intelligence Research in Northern Ireland

This Matrix report suggests that the right components are in place to establish an Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence in Northern Ireland. Working with The Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s National Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Matrix commissioned this report on Northern Ireland’s AI capabilities and the case for the establishment of a new AI Centre of Excellence here.


Ireland’s Competitiveness Scorecard 2019

The National Competitiveness Council (NCC) reports to the Taoiseach and the Government, through the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation on key competitiveness issues facing the Irish economy and offers recommendations on policy actions required to enhance Ireland’s competitive position.