Precision Medicine in Northern Ireland


In this paper we present a snapshot of how Northern Ireland is already proactively involved in precision medicine development, how it is primed to expand this contribution, and why increasing numbers of national and global organisations are partnering with Northern Ireland to realise the full benefits precision medicine can deliver.

The Stratification of Disease for Personalised Medicines


This paper is a five year update and progress report on the original ABPI 2009 White Paper which explored how public and private bodies engaged in biomedical research in the UK could work together to realise the significant benefits to the healthcare system and UK plc that will accrue by accelerating the development and adoption of stratified medicine.

2013 Global Life Sciences Outlook


This report examines the current state of the global life sciences industry, describes the top issues facing stakeholders, provides a snapshot of activity in a number of geographic markets, and suggests considerations for companies as they seek to grow revenue and market share in 2013 and beyond.