The aims of the Matrix panel

Matrix is an industry led panel convened to advise government and inform academia and industry on the commercial exploitation of R&D and science and technology in Northern Ireland.

Matrix is a collaborative endeavour, with the primary aim to champion the role of science and technology as one of the key drivers of economic growth in Northern Ireland.

Matrix objectives

  • Provide neutral leadership and be an honest broker for Northern Ireland science and technology sectors
  • Facilitate engagement and collaboration of industry with academia and government
  • Identify, agree and oversee a programme of market led science and technology foresight studies
  • Commission research and provide the evidence base to government for future science and technology policies and strategies that will ensure NIs sustainable competitiveness in the global economy
  • Provide quality control function to MATRIX’ work programme outputs
  • Liaise with DfE Permanent Secretary, other government departments through the NICS Board, and other relevant organisations to advise and act where necessary on the adoption and implementation of MATRIX recommendations
  • Advise government on the development of the Skills Strategy 2020 for NI
  • Advise on how regional and national science and technology, innovation and R&D policies may be most effectively implemented
  • Initiate and enhance links with relevant local, national and international organisations as appropriate to ensure connectivity with the UK, available funding streams and export markets
  • Act as an influential point of coordination to help maximise public and private sector funding
  • Promote a culture of innovation in the wider science and technology community and endorse regional innovation and research and development programmes
  • Actively promote case studies and exemplars within the region
  • Maintain a review and renew function over published Matrix reports
  • Develop a structured outreach and communications programme which supports the aims of the Matrix panel, reflects the work programme and provides support to related activities.

Matrix reports

Matrix produces regular, in depth reports which outline the work, findings and recommendations of our specialist panels. These reports are an invaluable resource for anyone interested in how new technologies and market opportunities can be developed within the Northern Ireland economy and beyond.

See all Matrix reports

How Matrix advises government

The Matrix panel commissions research, analysis and studies, to help DfE build the evidence base for future science and R&D policies within wider innovation policy.

The panel advises in three main areas:

  1. Key R&D and science & technology issues affecting business innovation
  2. The emerging strategic technology priorities impacting on Northern Ireland’s economy
  3. The promotion of a culture of innovation and the importance of R&D and science & technology in the future, particularly with business and in regard to commercial exploitation activities.

Matrix reporting methodology

Current work

Matrix has a robust programme of work in place, from our main Horizon panel reports to smaller reports and ‘thought pieces’ for government and strategic bodies.

We have developed a detailed research methodology to ensure that all our reports have a strong evidence base drawing on local, national and global data.


Our partners

We work in partnership with a wide range of professional organisations, all working together to help build a sustainable economy in Northern Ireland.