Evidencing the Bioeconomy


This report presents findings around growth and productivity based on a comprehensive review of the literature and interviews with selected academic and industry experts in the bioeconomy of the United Kingdom.

Lay of the Land


The RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission Northern Ireland Inquiry produced this report which sets out the context of the inquiry, its findings, some signposts to the future, and some recommendations for the way ahead.

Europe AgriFood Tech Investing Report 2018


In this inaugural European food tech and agtech startup report in collaboration with F&A Next, Agfunder details the $1.6bn of funding across 421 deals. While this was on par with the total in 2017, there was 23% growth in the number of deals and the majority of activity took place at the earliest stages.

Connecting Farm, City and Technology


The Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils’ (GFCC) report, Connecting Farm, City and Technology to Transform Urban Food Ecosystems for the Developing World, shows how a mix of new technologies — from digital connectivity, sensors and the Internet of Things, to blockchain, biotechnology and renewable energy — can integrate to create sustainable food ecosystems for the world’s urban areas.

The Future of Food 2040 


The Future of Food 2040 report highlights the importance of establishing a future domestic agricultural policy that enables the farming industry to increase its productivity, profitability and resilience in the future, which will be crucial for businesses to thrive in an increasingly volatile world.

The 2008 Agri-Food Report


For the Agri-Food Report, the Panel took direction from ‘Vision 20/20’, the industry’s Foresight exercise, identified and built on our capacity and capability for world class science, knowledge, technology, innovation and business exploitation, to forge a collaborative framework, tools and environment, that will be crucial for delivering future opportunities.