Artificial Intelligence Research in Northern Ireland


This Matrix report suggests that the right components are in place to establish an Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence in Northern Ireland. Working with The Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s National Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Matrix commissioned this report on Northern Ireland’s AI capabilities and the case for the establishment of a new AI Centre of Excellence here.

The 2018 Women in Stem Report


This report argues that by 2030, 33% of young people moving into STEM careers in NI should be girls and that government must aim to establish Northern Ireland as an exemplar STEM region. If the potential for the entire population to embrace STEM is realised, it will drive innovation and economic growth, building a better place to live.

The 2017 Sustainable Shared Value Report


Businesses exist to serve shareholders and staff. However, can businesses add value to society and their local communities? This report by Roger Warnock examines the principles of business driven, sustainable economic growth with a moral compass.

The 2016 Digital ICT Report


The Northern Ireland Digital ICT sector comprises over 1,200 companies, over 100 of which are international businesses such as Allstate, SAP, Citi and Cybersource. The sector offers particular strength in its software engineering expertise and has clusters in mobile telecoms, financial software, information management, cyber security and connected health.

The 2016 Advanced Manufacturing, Materials & Engineering Report


The AMME sector is export and R&D intensive and includes sectors such as aerospace, polymers and materials handling as well as some highly specialist companies – all with a focus on advanced manufacturing, materials and engineering. There are over 2,000 such businesses in Northern Ireland, employing over 40,000 people, paying salaries 26% above the NI average and generating sales worth £7.2bn in 2014.

The 2015 Life & Health Sciences Report


If Northern Ireland is to provide world-leading standards of healthcare to its citizens whilst creating strong, sustainable economic outputs the sector must be understood and delineated accurately and in detail. This report seeks to lay the foundations of this understanding so that a clear and concerted strategy may be developed to serve the needs of patients dovetailed to Northern Ireland’s future economic growth.

The 2014 Intellectual Capital Report


The main objectives of this study are to gain an insight of the level of awareness amongst indigenous MATRIX industry-based Northern Irish businesses of their Intellectual Capital and examine the processes that may be employed to drive and support economic growth by exploiting intellectual capital and local innovation.

The 2013 Sustainable Energy Report


This report was commissioned when DETI and MATRIX identified substantial commercial opportunities associated with sustainable energy technology markets which were likely to grow significantly as worldwide demand for lower-carbon technologies increased.

The 2010 Telecoms Report


This report finds that major advances have been achieved in the quality and extent of telecommunications provision in Northern Ireland and, combined with near term plans, the overall provision places it among the leading regions in terms of international standards.

The 2008 Advanced Engineering (Transport) Report


The Advanced Engineering (Transport) Horizon Panel brought together a number of experts from business and academia – many of whom are already involved in the exciting transformation that is already taking place in engineering and manufacturing – with the objective of identifying the means by which Northern Ireland can reclaim its position as a global leader in engineering.

The 2008 Agri-Food Report


For the Agri-Food Report, the Panel took direction from ‘Vision 20/20’, the industry’s Foresight exercise, identified and built on our capacity and capability for world class science, knowledge, technology, innovation and business exploitation, to forge a collaborative framework, tools and environment, that will be crucial for delivering future opportunities.

The 2008 ICT Report


This MATRIX foresight panel reviewed current research in the ICT sector at a local, national and international level. Based on current trends, three areas where Northern Ireland has the potential to make significant advances, achieve global leadership and establish new platforms of growth that would have high commercial impact were identified.

The First Matrix Report 2007


The report highlights the need to create and maintain a new working environment for business, government and academia where they can combine their resources in a market led approach to innovation.