The 2008 Advanced Engineering (Transport) Report

The Advanced Engineering (Transport) Horizon Panel brought together a number of experts from business and academia – many of whom are already involved in the exciting transformation that is already taking place in engineering and manufacturing – with the objective of identifying the means by which Northern Ireland can reclaim its position as a global leader in engineering.

Our opportunities are significant and our engineering entrepreneurs should seize on this report and support its proposal for a framework that will put business in the lead and ensure that our excellent research capabilities are successfully exploited and commercialised.

Crucially, if we get our strategy for Advanced Engineering right, the majority of future employment in this sector will be at the higher value-added end of the spectrum, not only in terms of the innovative new products designed, but by ensuring that we adopt state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies while making optimum use of automation and robotics to improve our efficiency, performance and competitiveness.