The 2008 Agri-Food Report

For the Agri-Food Report, the Panel took direction from ‘Vision 20/20’, the industry’s Foresight exercise, identified and built on our capacity and capability for world class science, knowledge, technology, innovation and business exploitation, to forge a collaborative framework, tools and environment, that will be crucial for delivering future opportunities.

Challenges, as well as a spectrum of opportunities, were identified in the SMART and integrated application of knowledge, science and technology in Health, Production and Waste, and Energy.

The substance of the report drew on extensive input from retailers, local and international food processors, exporters, primary producers, researchers, government and many, many others. In particular, the industry panel appreciated the contribution of representatives from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Invest NI, Queen’s University, the University of Ulster and the Agri-food and Biosciences Institute.