Future of skills and lifelong learning


The Government Office for Science looked at how changes in technology and an ageing population affect what skills the UK will need in the future. The project also considered how investment in skills and encouraging lifelong learning can have a positive impact on productivity.

The Four Futures of Work


The RSA’s Future Work Centre has published research that models four ‘futures of work’ by 2035 - and shows how politicians may not be up to speed on what’s going on.

The Future of Jobs 2018


Workforce transformations are no longer an aspect of the distant future. As shown in the five-year outlook of this report, these transformations are a feature of today’s workplaces and people’s current livelihoods and are set to continue in the near term.

The 2018 Women in Stem Report


This report argues that by 2030, 33% of young people moving into STEM careers in NI should be girls and that government must aim to establish Northern Ireland as an exemplar STEM region. If the potential for the entire population to embrace STEM is realised, it will drive innovation and economic growth, building a better place to live.

Employer Ownership of Skills


This report looks at what has been achieved against the original vision for Industrial Partnerships (IPs). It focuses on the lessons learned from the activities, the challenges and successes.