Building Innovation Superclusters

As we continue to race into the knowledge-driven economy, with industry 4.0, digital business models, lean startups, large-scale industry shifts; local and national leaders take note.

“How can we compete globally?”, “How do we create more high-impact, tech jobs?”, “How do we create – and keep – tech scale-ups in our local economies?” are frequent questions discussed at roundtables and conferences.

The best leaders shift that conversation. Instead, they ask and act on strategic questions like, “How can we attract the very best startups and scale-ups to our region?”, “how can we combine our old legacy industries, with new technologies at scale”, “how can we enable and support unprecedented collaboration at scale?” and “how can we accelerate innovation across research, corporates, startup and beyond?”

Increasingly, the answer to those questions are to build strong innovation clusters, in many places – build global Innovation Superclusters.

This report explores what Innovation Superclusters are, how they are formed, and how countries can get started building one.