Reinventing Construction: A route to higher productivity


In this report, the McKinsey Global Institute and the McKinsey Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice examine the root causes of poor productivity growth in the construction industry, explore practical ways to improve the situation, and discuss the beginnings of a shift in parts of the sector toward a system of mass production, standardization, prefabrication, and modularization—a production system—that has the potential to boost productivity by five to ten times, depending on the sector.

Connecting Farm, City and Technology


The Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils’ (GFCC) report, Connecting Farm, City and Technology to Transform Urban Food Ecosystems for the Developing World, shows how a mix of new technologies — from digital connectivity, sensors and the Internet of Things, to blockchain, biotechnology and renewable energy — can integrate to create sustainable food ecosystems for the world’s urban areas.

The Future of Jobs 2018


Workforce transformations are no longer an aspect of the distant future. As shown in the five-year outlook of this report, these transformations are a feature of today’s workplaces and people’s current livelihoods and are set to continue in the near term.

AI​ ​Now​ ​2018 ​Report


Building on the inaugural 2016 report, The AI Now 2018 Report addresses the most recent scholarly literature in order to raise critical social questions that will shape our present and near future.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and Their Impact on the Workplace


Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a fundamental impact on the global labour market in the next few years. By way of some examples, the authors show how AI will change the world of work fundamentally. In addition to companies, employees, lawyers and society, educational systems and legislators are also facing the task of meeting the new challenges that result from constantly advancing technology.