A compendium of innovation methods

For the last decade or more, Nesta has been searching for ways to support innovations that exploit new trends, aiming to spread the capacity for innovation and apply it to the problems and communities most in need.

Featured in this compendium are just some of the innovation methods they have analysed, developed, tested and spread over the last decade. Some, like seed accelerator programmes, they have invested in and studied. Others, like challenge prizes, standards of evidence or public sector labs, they have developed and helped to spread around the world.

This compendium brings together some of Nesta’s experience over the years. Each section gives a simple introduction to the method and describes Nesta’s work in relation to it. In each case they have also provided a link to further relevant resources and inspiration on their website.

Nesta is continuing to research, examine, explore, develop and test new methods of innovating and supporting innovation.
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