Making a Difference – why women in STEM become innovators

This report shows that nine out of 10 women have experienced barriers to their STEM-career, with over a quarter (26%) experiencing more barriers than enablers.

Additionally, six in 10 (66%) of women working in the UK’s innovation economy have had to overcome challenges on their own to succeed in their careers, with just two in 10 (22%) saying they received support from their employers. The top three barriers for women working in STEM in the UK were identified as a lack of confidence (84%), having to adapt to a male dominated environment (75%), and a lack of recognition from senior management (72%).

The report also shows that gender balance is more important now than it has ever been to ensure the UK has a strong, vibrant and globally competitive innovation economy. Improving the ratio of women to men in STEM innovation by just 1% has the potential to increase company revenues in that sector by over £300 million per annum – thanks to diverse perspectives and backgrounds delivering innovation that’s more in tune with customers and society.