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This library is a collection of documents that the MATRIX panel and secretariat have used in their research. If you are looking for reports that MATRIX has produced, please visit our Reports section. Click on the subjects below to refine your search.


Measuring the UK’s Digital Economy with Big Data

It is clear we need a new way of measuring the economy and that is what is presented in this report by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research, based on the pioneering big data techniques of Growth Intelligence, a UK company who specialise in tracking and measuring the economic activities of companies.


Machine learning: the power and promise of computers that learn by example

What is the potential of machine learning over the next 5-10 years? And how can we develop this technology in a way that benefits everyone? The Royal Society’s machine learning project has been investigating these questions, and this report sets out the actions needed to maintain the UK’s role in advancing this technology while ensuring careful stewardship of its development.


Employer Ownership of Skills

This report looks at what has been achieved against the original vision for Industrial Partnerships (IPs). It focuses on the lessons learned from the activities, the challenges and successes.


Innovation 2020

This innovation plan is a key element of the Irish Government’s overall jobs strategy, Enterprise 2025, aimed at building a new economy based on exports and enterprise, and delivering full employment on a sustainable basis.


Inspiring Growth

The CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey provides a mine of evidence on what employers seek from the young people who are leaving education and setting out in their careers.


Precision Medicine in Northern Ireland

In this paper we present a snapshot of how Northern Ireland is already proactively involved in precision medicine development, how it is primed to expand this contribution, and why increasing numbers of national and global organisations are partnering with Northern Ireland to realise the full benefits precision medicine can deliver.

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