A new Small Business Research Initiotive (SBRI) is being launched by the Department of Health to find innovative ideas to address air quality.

The competition, called “Project ‘SPACE’ – Space Data Analytics” will open this Friday, 5th July and run until August 30th. You’ll be able to access all the documents and submit your tender at https://etendersni.gov.uk/epps – just search for the reference 2241897.

Applicants are invited to tender for projects under the SBRI Healthcare program to triangulate prescription (health) data and air quality/ pollution data with location data to supply new information through an innovative and engaging mechanism so that the local citizens, clinicians, Health and Social Care Board, Belfast Local Commissioning Group, Public Health Authority, transport and Belfast City Council teams can be better informed about air quality and be empowered to make decisions.

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This SBRI should help citizens and the public authorities manage life, care and wellbeing in a more sustainable and healthy way through:

  1. Citizen based utility to enable healthier choices
  2. Wider public health planning
  3. Clinical management of patients where poor air quality could lead to an exacerbation
  4. Understand exposure to pollutants and effects at a local level
  5. Promote urban healthy living and cleaner environments
  6. Better city and transport planning

Further details are outlined in the competition brief and support material.

This SBRI Health & Social Care competition (Phase 1) is open to all provider organisations that can demonstrate a route to market for their solution.

SBRI is particularly suited to small and medium-sized business, as the contracts are of a relatively small value and operate on short timescales. Developments are 100% funded and focused on specific identified needs, increasing the chance of exploitation.

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Suppliers for the phase 2 project will be selected by a competition process between the existing phase 1 suppliers and will retain the intellectual property generated from the project, with certain rights of use licensed to the Department of Health in Northern Ireland. This is an excellent opportunity to establish an early customer for a new technology and to fund its development.