Are you pursuing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM)?

Perhaps you had a STEM role but left to pursue a different career? Whatever your experience has been as a woman working in STEM, MATRIX would like to hear from you.

All MATRIX reports completed to date have highlighted the issue of STEM skills shortages. Furthermore, a significant gender imbalance across the STEM skills pipeline has been identified as a cross cutting element of these shortages. The 2016 AMME and Digital ICT reports both documented continued, poor representation of women in STEM roles.

If we can encourage women to study STEM subjects and subsequently remain in the STEM skills pipeline, we could go a long way towards solving STEM skills shortages.

So join us this week for a frank discussion on the challenges faced by women in STEM and have your say on how you could be better supported.

The workshop will be held at the Andrews Gallery at Titanic Belfast on Thursday, 9th November 2017 – 9am-2pm. Please note you must register to attend:

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We have also produced an accompanying document for the workshop which gives full details of the agenda and background information on the study findings to date.

Download the Workshop Briefing Document