AI​ ​Now​ ​2018​ ​Report

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are in a phase of rapid development, and are being adopted widely. While the concept of artificial intelligence has existed for over sixty years, real-world applications have only accelerated in the last decade due to three concurrent developments: better algorithms, increases in networked computing power and the tech industry’s ability to capture and store massive amounts of data.

Building on the inaugural 2016 report, The AI Now 2018 Report addresses the most recent scholarly literature in order to raise critical social questions that will shape our present and near future. A year is a long time in AI research, and this report focuses on new developments in four areas: labor and automation, bias and inclusion, rights and liberties, and ethics and governance. This report identifies emerging challenges in each of these areas and makes recommendations to ensure that the benefits of AI will be shared broadly, and that risks can be identified and mitigated.