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2016 NI Knowledge Economy Index

The Knowledge Economy Index has become a key annual publication in tracking the health of the Northern Ireland innovation economy. It uses key data year-on-year to compare our performance with other regions and monitor the availability of capital.The data helps policy makers and trade organisations plan and advocate effectively for sufficient workforce housing, transportation solutions, zoning and availability of resources. The report also serves as a recruiting and retention tool, demonstrating to research, leadership and management talent from around the world that Northern Ireland is a leading centre for innovation.

Knowledge economies use information and intelligence to unlock opportunity and power prosperity. Academic institutions, investors and business R&D are important foundations for all knowledge economies, but so too are the people developing and applying the innovations commercially. If we can align all their efforts they have the potential to deliver a greater prize than Northern Ireland has ever experienced before – its evolution into one of Europe’s most entrepreneurial knowledge economies by 2030. It’s a future where ideas are the new linen; software development, the new ship building and brainpower our new muscle.