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Matrix is undertaking a short study into the interface between technology and creativity, following one of the supporting recommendations from the 2016 Digital ICT report that “a report dedicated to the creative digital and content sector in Northern Ireland” should be produced.

There is a growing cluster of businesses in Northern Ireland who are creative and depend heavily on technology – particularly in the following areas:

  • Film & TV
  • Gaming & animation
  • E-Learning
  • Software/music
  • Mobile/Web content

There is also a growing interest in graduates in gaming and related subjects from large banking and financial organisations who are increasingly aware that user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) play a vital role in business growth and customer retention.

Panel Chairman

Tim Brundle

Tim Brundle

Tim Brundle has over twelve years experience in the successful commercialisation of technology and business and economic development. He has significant experience raising project and new venture funds, scenario planning, developing intellectual property commercialisation and innovation strategies and authoring public sector reports. He is an experienced and skilled Chairman of both young technology companies and mature public Institutions.

Tim is Director of Innovation at the University of Ulster and is the CEO of Innovation Ulster Ltd, the University of Ulster’s venturing and investment company. He is a Board member of Invest NI and a non-executive director of 9 technology companies.

We look at:

  • The Market Focus

  • The Northern Ireland Advantage

  • Access to Finance

  • Support available from Invest NI

  • People & Skills

  • Available and Emerging Technologies

  • Collaboration

  • Government Support

What is Creative Technology?

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Research publications

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