Improving the management of digital government


This report draws on 30 interviews with senior digital and policy officials across Whitehall and the public sector, and vendors to government. It focuses on the role of the Government Digital Service (GDS) in creating a framework for digital government that is successful, and assesses how GDS is performing in that role.

Measuring the UK’s Digital Economy with Big Data


It is clear we need a new way of measuring the economy and that is what is presented in this report by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research, based on the pioneering big data techniques of Growth Intelligence, a UK company who specialise in tracking and measuring the economic activities of companies.

Machine learning: the power and promise of computers that learn by example



What is the potential of machine learning over the next 5-10 years? And how can we develop this technology in a way that benefits everyone? The Royal Society’s machine learning project has been investigating these questions, and this report sets out the actions needed to maintain the UK’s role in advancing this technology while ensuring careful stewardship of its development.

BIS: Open Data Strategy 2014-2016


This strategy sets out how the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and partner organisations intend to meet the 5 G8 Open Data Charter principles that the UK government signed up to in June 2013.

Digital Life 2025


A canvassing of 2,558 experts and technology builders about where we will stand by the year 2025 finds striking patterns in their predictions.

Delivering Digital Infrastructure


The report discusses the steps necessary to keep digital infrastructure improving at a rate that will allow the growth and development of a vibrant global digital economy in the near and medium term.

Smaller, Better, Faster, Stronger


This report looks ahead to the second half of this decade, and considers the big changes that will be needed for government to make the most of the opportunities presented by technology, data and the internet.

Eight Great Technologies


In this 2013 paper, David Willetts makes an important contribution to this debate – setting out eight great technologies in which Britain is or can be global leaders.

Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future


The House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills published its report, 'Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future', which warns that the UK is not addressing its significant skills shortage and the incoming Government of 2015 urgently needs to resolve this.

The Atlas of ICT Activity in Europe


The European ICT Poles of Excellence (EIPE) research project investigated the issues of growth, jobs and innovation, which have become the main priorities of the European Union’s growth strategy programme ‘Europe 2020’.

NISP Connect Knowledge Economy Report


The 2014 Northern Ireland Knowledge Economy Index tracks the health of the Northern Ireland innovation economy by comparing data year-on-year, comparison to other regions and monitoring availability of capital.

Information Economy Strategy


This 2013 strategy developed in partnership by Government, industry and academia sets out a road map to help the UK accelerate in the global race, focusing on its strengths.

The Silver Lining


In 2013 Whisple Cloud Services engaged Oxford Economics to assess the potential economic contribution that cloud computing could make to the Northern Ireland economy.

A Digital Agenda for Europe


The overall aim of the 2010 Digital Agenda is to deliver sustainable economic and social benefits from a digital single market based on fast and ultra fast internet and interoperable applications.

Digital NI 2020


The report describes the nature of the Northern Ireland Digital Platform and identifies those areas where it has the potential to positively impact progress, both in economic and social terms.