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Hack the Pain @ Queens University Computer Science Building
Jun 3 @ 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Hack the Pain @ Queens University Computer Science Building | Northern Ireland | United Kingdom

Developing a condition with chronic pain is life changing. It affects people’s ability to work, their home life, and their ability to take part in leisure activities. It is estimated that 1 in 5 or 400,000 people could be affected by long term pain in Northern Ireland. Many people struggle to get effective diagnosis and many treatments aren’t effective. People with chronic pain want to manage their condition themselves but they cite a key barrier as a lack of information and advice after initial diagnosis.

The Innovation Lab in the Department of Finance and the Department for the Economy are organising a hack to develop new solutions to this challenge. How can we help people manage their long term pain using digital platforms? How can we make sure that people know about the best treatments and services for their pain? How can information be personalised so that individuals are getting the best advice? We’re looking to connect people experiencing pain, service providers, and the technology community.

The winning solution will be hosted and made available to the public on NI Direct.

The hack will take place at Queen’s University in Belfast on the 3rd June, with prizes for the winning solution on the day.

If a solution isn’t finished the aim is to form a group of interested developers and take the opportunity to develop it further in Farset Labs in the following weeks. The desire of this hack is to develop a solution under an open source license that can then be developed upon by volunteers. As it stands the team or individual that may way the prize can walk away at the end of Saturday if they wish – there is no long term commitment. We are specifically encouraging the use of a BSD license so that if people wish to fork and productise their project they are free to do so.

This is an opportunity to create a new solution for a social need in Northern Ireland. It’s the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

Seagate Pitstop – Digital Manufacturing @ Seagate
Jun 13 – Jun 14 all-day
Seagate Pitstop - Digital Manufacturing @ Seagate | Northern Ireland | United Kingdom

Applications are now open for small and medium sized companies, academics and experts interested in developing innovative solutions to assist with digital manufacturing. Applications close 05 May 2017.

The Pit Stop will take place 13th June 18 12:00-19:00 and 14th June 09:00-17:00 at the Seagate Technology (Ireland) Springtown Facility and City Hotel in Derry, Northern Ireland.


The Pit Stop is a highly focused open innovation activity designed to accelerate the growth of new ideas – the Seagate Pit Stop focuses specifically on digital manufacturing. This Pit Stop will be of value to companies working with a range of technologies including Artificial Intelligence; IoT; data visualisation, data infrastructure; and modelling and simulation. You’ll get the chance to explore specific challenges within the Seagate manufacturing process and discuss potential solutions with Seagate and industry experts.

Watch a video here to find out about previous Pit Stops.

Seagate Technology (Ireland) Pit Stop: Digital Manufacturing  

The aim of the Seagate Pit Stop is to identify challenges and opportunities for optimising tooling performance, process efficiency and product quality in the context of Seagate’s HDD ‘read/write’ head manufacturing.

The Seagate atomic scale read/write head manufacturing processes require high value tooling to perform over 1500 unique process steps involving critical dimensions 1/1000th the size of a grain of salt.

Seagate collects a comprehensive amount of manufacturing data, including Terrabytes of tool sensor and process data totalling over 1.5PB stored at the facility and archived for up to 7 years. A major challenge has been trying to understand the performance of their fleet of 500+ tools in terms of comparative performance and impact on downstream product quality.

Examples of tool performance challenges that impact Seagate business metrics include:

  • Yield – Challenges in detecting and controling processes critical to end product quality results in scrap of end products
  • Quality – Inability to measure product quality throughout manufacturing processes results in risk to scrap of end products
  • Cycletime – Impact of tool performance issues on production schedules
  • Capital Utilization – Limited understanding of the causes leading to differences in tool performance prevents a more proactive approach to Predictive Maintenance

What to expect

Pit Stop participants will collaborate with Seagate, experts and other innovators to:

  • Develop a common understanding of Seagate challenges within the context of Digital Manufacturing
  • Identify areas where solutions could positively impact manufacturing tooling performance, process efficiencies or end product quality
  • Explore how solutions could be integrated into Seagate manufacturing operations

Successful proposals submitted after the Pit Stop may lead to direct procurement or collaborative applications with Seagate for development funding via Invest Northern Ireland or Innovate UK.

Who should apply?

Innovators experienced in developing solutions, with expertise in all or some the following areas:

  • Advanced multi-variate anomaly detection
  • Real time asset condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Modelling and simulation of processes and asset behaviour
  • Data visualisation
  • Data infrastructure
  • IoT enabled data generation

If you are working within these areas and think you can contribute to the development of scaleable Digital Manufacturing solutions for Seagate, please apply for the Pit Stop at

Date, times and location

The closing date to apply for this Pit Stop is midnight on Friday 05 May 2017.

Those interested to take part must complete the short application form below. Places will be allocated to those with the most appropriate skills, expertise, services and products in line with the Open Call. The aim is to respond to all applications within 14 days of the Open Call closing.

The Pit Stop will take place 13th June 18 12:00-19:00 and 14th June 09:00-17:00 at the Seagate Technology (Ireland) Springtown Facility and City Hotel in Derry, Northern Ireland.

About Seagate Technology PLC

Seagate PLC is the global leader in data storage solutions and the Springown, Northern Ireland facility sits at the heart of the US$25B worldwide data storage industry.

This high tech nanotechnology manufacturing facility, one of only 5 such facilities of it’s type in the world, focuses on the manufacturing of read/write heads, a key hardware component of the Hard Disc Drive (HDD).

Provisional Agenda

Tuesday 13th June

1200 – Seagate Facility Tour (Optional)

1500 – Registration Starts

1900 – Close

Wednesday 14th June

0900- Arrivals

0915 – Start

1600 – Sessions Finish

1800 – Networking Close