Kainos launches its first AI camp

Kainos launches its first AI camp

Ever wondered how Spotify always gets it right when it recommends a song for you? Or how Amazon knows what to try to sell you at the checkout?

If you’re an undergraduate and want to take part in a free two-week summer camp where you’ll pick up the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, then look no further – apply for the Kainos A.I.Camp this summer.

Kainos recognises the potential for machine learning and artificial intelligence to make peoples’ lives better. There are hundreds of ways in which it will change our lives – from improving the way cars detect pedestrians to understanding how better to identify and treat disease.

That’s why this summer, they are launching their first ever A.I.Camp. Twenty students will get the opportunity to learn the theory behind artificial intelligence and machine learning and put it into practice in a 12-hour hackathon, developing machine learning technology that will improve lives.

Any student on a course that contains a programming module can apply. The Camp is scheduled to run from 9am-5pm, Monday 26th June – Friday 7th July. On Saturday 8th July, there will be a 12-hour Team Hackathon, from 9am – 9pm.

Find out more about the AI camp.

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