Report Summary

UK Growth Opportunities for the 2020s – 2012 Refresh

Technology and Innovation Futures is a forward look at a range of developments that have the potential to support sustained economic growth in the UK over the next 20 years. In 2010 interviews and workshops were undertaken with 180 representatives from industry, research, international institutions and social enterprises, and a report was published that identified 53 technologies likely to be important. Technology changes quickly and so do the economic and political circumstances. This 2012 refresh is an early opportunity to take stock of the 2010 findings, and see whether any new trends have emerged. Detailed, structured interviews and a survey involving experts in key areas were carried out for this refresh. This report refreshes the original list of 53 technologies, and it was reassuring to find that in the main the technologies identified in 2010 are those that today are seen as strong candidates for growth over the next 20 years.