Report Summary

Open Data Strategy for Northern Ireland 2015-18

Data is an incredibly important resource and is the foundation upon which our public sector services are built. Opening up access to public sector data has the potential to enhance and transform government services in Northern Ireland and stimulate innovation in our private sector to the benefit of everyone. The public sector must aspire to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding population, improve government services and improve the economy. Mobile devices have the power to transform and revolutionise the interface between citizens and government and releasing open data can fuel the development of mobile apps for the benefit of citizens. The implementation of this strategy will help transform current data management practices and create an ‘open by default’ culture within the public sector by developing an ethos that embeds publishing open data as a normal part of data management processes. The strategy will put in place public/private governance structures and a shared platform to deliver open data through NIDirect. Embracing the 9 open data principles noted in the strategy will ensure that standards are adhered to, feedback is facilitated and that there is transparency about the reasons for withholding some data.