Creative Industries Federation: Brexit Report

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Creative Industries Federation: Brexit Report

The creative industries are the UK’s fastest growing economic sector. Contribution to growth has far outstripped other sectors for many years now. Our film, television, video games, music, design, fashion and publishing are world renowned. Our museums, galleries, theatres and heritage are major reasons for people to visit this country and they contribute significantly to wider inward investment.

All of this constitutes Brand Britain; this is our calling card across the globe. It is a key driver for future success and employment. The creative industries give the UK its competitive edge. That edge is a consequence of being open and international. The result of the referendum on June 23 was not what our members would have preferred; however, within hours we had called the whole sector together. In the following weeks we held a series of events across the UK to identify the key challenges and opportunities in an intensely practical way. We are delighted to be working closely with our industry colleagues at the Creative Industries Council. We are presenting two papers, providing different perspectives, but joined by a unified set of proposals.

This document is a first step in a fast-moving political, diplomatic and economic environment ahead of the invoking of Article 50 by March 2017. Across government, as the situation changes on a weekly basis, so the Federation will be engaging actively with Whitehall and beyond throughout this crucial period. We will be liaising with our members across all creative disciplines and in all the nations and regions to ensure that this document, and our wider advocacy, is up-to-date, insightful and powerful. There is much detail to be worked through and we invite improvements and additions.