Theme 2: R&D Expenditure

///Theme 2: R&D Expenditure
Theme 2: R&D Expenditure 2017-01-05T16:57:06+00:00

R&D Employees

The number of full time equivalent R&D employees has increased every year since 2007.

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Business R&D Expenditure

Business spend increased by £129.5m in 2015 and expenditure is now 57% higher than it was five years ago.

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Number of R&D Companies

The number of companies involved in R&D increased by almost 9% in 2015 alone, and is at a record level.

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Indigenous SME Expenditure

The amount of money invested by local companies in R&D increased by almost two-fifths in 2015 alone.

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HE R&D Expenditure

Spend by local Higher Education Institutes increased by almost 9% in 2015.

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Government R&D Expenditure

Government spend on R&D has decreased slightly this year, totalling £16.7m in 2015.

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